About Us


Immortal Tattoos wasn’t a dream….It was an inception!

Established in 2010, Immortal Tattoos is the finest tattoo studio in India. Blessed with a unique style of tattoos, we have an impressive lineup of artists who have mastered this art through their valued experience and skills.

You name the style and we have an artist excelling in the same. We aim to work in the most hygienic manner, delivering you an excellent tattoo experience. Following complete North American health standards, all our products are top of the line and the quality of work we offer remains unsurpassed.


The vision at Immortal Tattoos revolves particularly around the simplest concept of bringing a change about the refinement in quality of tattoos that we see around us in our daily lives. Regardless of personal or society’s perception, we strive for every tattoo to be viewed pleasurably as art on human canvas. Every tattoo to bear a striking finesse and quality that leaves an impression on each perspective of an eye. That is our vision.

A tattoo symbolizes one standing up for what they believe in and they will witness this for life coz it’s not just temporary style or fashion, rather it’s a change that leaves an impact. The end goal lies in making the clients contented and blissful, with that tattoo.


With two studios in Chandigarh, conveniently located at prime locations in the city, we are a family of artists, and not just a bunch of people working together. The studio is full with articles gifted to us by clients, as a gesture. So we didn’t create this, this space was created by people who’ve entered here and now are connected to us through the ambience.

The feel is exciting, special, makes one want to learn, grow and experience something different everyday about life. With awesome music and best of people around, the aura of this place remains positive. Its loud, yet silent inside. An environment full of colors and life around, we promise you a time that you would not forget.

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