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Founded in 2010, Immortal Tattoos is the first professional tattoo studio in Chandigarh. The studio soon garnered the reputation of the most trusted tattoo studio not only in the Tricity, but in the whole nation.

With strong inclination towards client satisfaction through strong work, Immortal Tattoos has been making tattoos that stand the test of time. Following highest standards of quality and hygiene, we ensure that everything that touches your skin is meant for your skin The moment you open the door, you are welcomed by the most positive and comforting vibes you’d ever come across. No wonder Immortal Tattoos became one of the most popular tattoo studios of India. Your search for quality work and tattoos that resonate with your personality ends at Immortal Tattoos. We promise more than amazing tattoos, we promise lifetime experience, one ink stroke at a time.

This is the world of tattoos done right, one ink stroke at a time. Drop in for a consultation and walk out with a custom designed artwork meant just for you.


Contact Us +91 97800-83856


AddressSCO 8 (First Floor, above Airtel)
Sector 27-D, Chandigarh.