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Rishabh Narang is a Chandigarh based tattoo artist and the founder of Immortal Tattoos, city’s first professional tattoo studio. What started as a journey of an engineer (Electronics and Communication) soon brought him back to his childhood passion of drawing, painting and sketching. In a world where numerous artists are tied to the shackles of living a conventional life, Rishabh’s father is the person who motivated him to follow his passion. As a matter of fact, he’s the one who asked him, “Why don’t you put your love for drawing into use and become a tattoo artist?” And thus began the journey of Rishabh, the artist, who reached New Delhi and started learning tattooing from Lokesh Verma, the founder of Devilz Tattooz. Once his training was complete, Rishabh returned to the tricity and founded, as mentioned before, the first professional tattoo studio of the region.

As a mentor, Lokesh imparted all the knowledge and skills he could to Rishabh. The name Immortal Tattoos and its logo, everything that revolves around the studio is because of Lokesh. It won’t be wrong to say that Rishabh shares a strong bond with his mentor, and the duo is an epitome of the old school tradition of teacher-disciple lineage.

While Immortal Tattoos was, and is, the first tattoo studio of its kind in Chandigarh, tattooing scene was quite different in other parts of the nation, to say the least. With a strong zeal to learn what he can from many artists that he looks up to, Rishabh started going to tattoo conventions across India. The more exposure he had of the tattooing world, the more curious he got; his curiosity got him into traveling, a lot of it to be precise.

Soon, he got acquainted with the international tattoo conventions held in many countries across the year. In the meantime, his art was also evolving by a great deal. As he attended and participated in various conventions, the Rishabh and Immortal Tattoos started gaining traction and soon, the two names became synonymous to each other. He started doing guest spots at many tattoo studios, and Germany is a country where Rishabh enjoys his spots the most.

During this entire journey, Rishabh came across many artists that he admires. With his keenness to learn whatever, whenever and wherever he can from whoever he meets, he has grown into a mentor who has taught tattooing to many aspiring artists.

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