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A creative lad from Dehradun, Siddharth was in Merchant Navy when he came to Immortal Tattoos as a client. Little did he know things would take a 360° turn that day! But the artistic streak in bloodline played its role quite brilliantly, after, his mother’s a painter, and one gets intelligence from one’s mother. That’s how nature works.
Having spent 4 years in Merchant Navy, it was Siddarth’s second sail when he spotted a full sleeve on his Chief Mate’s arm. That’s how he decided to go for his first tattoo, a compass, because, merchant navy. Sid, as we all like to call him, was pursuing his MBA when he used to frequent Immortal Tattoos often. He got so absorbed in the tattooing scene that he dropped the idea of doing MBA and started learning tattooing under the mentorship of Rishabh Narang.

When it comes to tattooing, Siddharth is extremely good at colored Tattoos, Illustrations, Old School, Trashy and Cartoons & Anime.
Why Tattooing?
“Because I felt like doing this, this is what life gave me, and I took it.”

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