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Few people are lucky enough to have more than one mentor in their life. Fewer are the ones who have two mentors for the same field. Bhuvnesh is among the fewer ones. While he learnt the art of tattooing from his father, Ramakrishan, Bhuvnesh embarked on a journey that would eventually bring him to Immortal Tattoos, under the guidance of Rishabh Narang.
A true art lover by heart, Bhuvnesh is equally fond of tattooing, music and travelling. After learning the basics of tattooing from his father, Bhuvnesh spent a year and a half in Jaipur, Rajasthan. From there, he moved to Kolkata and worked with Niloy Das at Lizard Skin Tattoos.
Eventually, his love for travelling put him on a course where he would do a guest spot at Immortal Tattoos, Chandigarh. This is where his second wave of transformation happened.

Bold, Abstract and Black & Grey are Bhuvnesh’s styles.

Major Influences:

Bhuvnesh likes to keep designs neat with tight lines and considers the ageing process in mind while tattooing (which includes ageing of both the skin and the tattoo). For him, the tattoo should stay put and it should always be a custom design. If a client asks for a particular subject, Bhuvnesh adds custom design elements to it. For him, the idea is to make the tattoo as personal as it can get for the client.
“No two tattoos look the same, and they shouldn’t,” remarks Bhuvnesh.

Why Tattooing?
“It’s an art that stays, it’s a permanent transformation. It’s all about doing things that I love, things where I can put my heart and soul. And there’s no other way better than tattooing.”

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