1. What is the trend with tattoos these days?

A tattoo stays with you forever. It is not a trend that will change with fashion or style, so one should get inked with something that they relate to and want to cherish forever.


  1. Does it hurt while getting a tattoo made?

The pain that one feels while getting tattooed is very bearable. Some areas are a little sensitive as compared to others and it also depends on the placement of the tattoo.


  1. How is the pricing of a tattoo calculated?

The pricing of a tattoo depends of the size and it varies from Black n’ Grey to Colored. For bigger projects like full back or sleeves, the price is determined according to the intricacy of the design.


  1. What is the design that one should get tattooed?

As far as the design is concerned, everybody is unique and have their own affinities towards different things. A deep thought should be given to something that holds meaning and is of relevance to the person getting the tattoo made. We believe in complete originality and do not create the same design or duplicate a tattoo from a person or a website.


  1. How much time does a tattoo take?

The time would usually depend on the size and detailing of the design. A small tattoo, including texts or symbols would about an hour or so to get made.


  1. Does a tattoo have any after effects on the skin?

A tattoo does not have any after effects, if done in a hygienic and proper manner and later well taken care of.


  1. What are the hygiene measures followed at Immortal Tattoos?

All the colors that we use are purely organic, non toxic and best of the quality. Needles used for tattooing are always brand new and pre-sterilized. We make sure that the tattoo station and supporting materials used are masked with fresh wraps to avoid cross contamination. Chances for infection are none in this case.


  1. How does the design look like after getting made on the skin?

What makes the difference in a tattoo art on the skin is the right placement according to the size of the tattoo. The design that one visualizes on paper, is always carved out in a better manner on the skin.


  1. Where will a tattoo look nice on the body?

A tattoo is always tried to engrave with the flow of body muscles, so even if the size of the body part alters, the tattoo does not get affected.  The placement would depend on the kind of visibility one wants for the tattoo.


  1. Should a tattoo be black and grey or colorful?

The color of a tattoo depends on the skin tone one has, and would also be influenced by the design of the tattoo as well.


  1. What is the size one should usually prefer for a tattoo?

The size is decided, to fit the details of the design perfect to the placement of the tattoo. We do not advise a complicated design to be tattooed in a small size.


  1. Are any discounts or schemes offered on tattoos?

We do not offer any discounts or schemes at any point of time in the year.


  1. What are the factors to be kept in mind before getting a tattoo/

How can one get prepared for getting a tattoo?

  • Drink a lot of water. The more hydrated you skin, better the healing.
  • A tattoo should not be done empty stomach. Please ensure to have consumed a proper meal before getting a tattoo made.
  • You should not be under the influence of any alcohol, toxic substance or drugs, at least 24 hours before you get your tattoo made.
  • The area to be tattooed should nicely be moisturized from a week before you get tattooed.
  • Ensure a good sleep, the night before you get a tattoo done.
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable clothes, that wouldn’t interfere in the making of the tattoo.
  • Inform us about any history related to your skin and ensure to fill the form with all honesty, as this is for your own good.
  • Please make sure to clarify any doubts before starting to get the tattoo made.


  1. What are the basic aftercare instructions one should follow?
  • Do not expose your new tattoo to dust and direct sunlight.
  • Do not soak your fresh tattooed skin in water for too long.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes for 10 – 12 days.
  • Keep your tattoo moisturized with the ointment suggested by our artist.
  • Do not scratch pick on the scab. Let it fall off on its own. (Itching is normal while your tattoo is healing as its similar to a wound)
  • Do not wax or shave the area on which you have the tattoo till it is completely healed.
  • Please don’t listen to others advice, if you have any queries please get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to help.



  1. Where can you find our latest work?

Our latest work is displayed on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/immortaltattoos/timeline?ref=page_internal

And our Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/immortal_tattoos/